Thursday, July 3, 2014

The sultry dark night and food..

The sultry dark night, illuminated with the flickering candlelight
promise of invigorating conversation, and mischievous laughter
small wooden table amid-st the enchanting flower trees,
decorated with antique borosil diya lights..

The warm scent of the sultry cinnamon infused
green tea, with the whiff of pomegranate
the deep light green reflecting the warmth
as it swirled in the piccolo cups..inviting..

The deep red bell peppers contrasted with
the playful yellow, and the tangy orange ones
lightly sauteed, bathed in the light red
of the tomato sauce, spiked with basil and oregano

The soft strands of spaghetti swirled
in the scent of the garlic in the tomato sauce
the sprinkling of the olive oil coating the herbs
colours clashed with each other in the glass bowl

The warm zucchini salad, splashed in colours of yellow
sparkled in the melamine plates, dancing
on the green lettuce leaves, with hint of vinegar
slightly soft, inviting, in the cool breeze

The dinner continued late in the night
as the steel of the forks and knives clashed with
the beautiful, symmetrical glass and melamine
carrying away the snippets of laughter, love!

The post is a part of "My Beautiful Food", contest at Indiblogger, 

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